01. outline

What is Koura?

Use Koura to make instant, private payments online or in-store using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.


A new asset class

Koura, is Konzortia Capital’s New Asset Class, an innovative form of equity that allows investors to receive dividends, while giving you the liquidity that could only be found in publicly traded stocks. It will allow clients to pay for the services offered by the group of FinTech companies in the consortium (InveStart, Capitalista and Novabank).

Koura can be held, traded or exchanged, just like any other form of asset, but unlike most assets, it can also be spend like a currency. This flexibility is what allows Koura to truly transition beyond traditional asset classes and is what opens up new exciting opportunities for investors.

02. Solution

Problems in the finance world

Non-liquid equities

One of the hardest hiccups investors have to face is not having a clear exit strategy when it comes to investing in private companies. This lack of liquidity presents a significant hurdle, in spite of their huge profit potential.

Digital Currencies without intrinsic value

In spite of living in the era of blossoming digital currencies, most of them are just speculative instruments with no intrinsic value. This lack of value as investments shapes the nature and behavior of these numerous currencies as highly volatile.

Digital Commodities with no real world application

Even with the groundbreaking concept of blockchain being a clear indication that the world is ready to transform itself to the next level of digitalization, the crypto-assets revolution mostly remain internet-based. This reality entails cumbersome hurdles for digital assets to be effectively applied to day-to-day real world situations.

What is Koura?

Koura is the new asset class (NAC), developed by Konzortia Capital, with special features for savvy investors looking to take part in the next generation of finances; combining the benefits provided by stocks of a private company with the liquidity of a public one.

Or, if you would… Imagine having:

  • All of the advantages of a security token without its limitations.
  • All the functionality of a utility token.
  • It is aimed to provide its investors with a yearly dividend distribution

  • Real world use through a global network of franchises and commercial affiliates.

A new asset class with virtually no drawbacks.

This is Koura (KOU) and you’ll be able to use it as transactional currency within the platform’s applications for equity crowdfunding, trading, global banking and also as a saving/investment instrument that is aimed to reevaluate and pay out yearly dividends.

Koura’s Blockchain

Koura is an ERC-20 reward, which means it is an active contract that implements the ERC-20 forum requirement.

With the use of Ethereum, a proof-of-work algorithm is also enabled, and the inclusion of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake in the Koura platform enhances the level of security available for users. This, alongside the uses the active smart contract standard, will ensure that all token allocation remains unchanged.

The Ethereum prototype and Ethereum blockchain both, will initially be part of the blockchain platform for Koura, and later -with the development of each financial environment- it will mutate into its own proprietary blockchain.

Ending with Koura adopting its own tailor-made blockchain to be used with all of the consortium’s financial applications: InveStart, Capitalista & NovaBank.

03. Ecosystem

How are we doing it?

Applications on Koura’s Ecosystem.

The perfect synergy among the companies that form Konzortia Capital´s consortium will make Koura an asset that you’ll be able to spend, trade, use for investing and receive annual dividends. All thanks to its value being tied to the performance of its issuing company, Konzortia Capital. Koura plays a determining role in the consortium while providing the structure for all financial transactions to take place.

Within InveStart, Konzortia Capital’s next generation of borderless, equity-based crowdfunding environment, Koura will be a new asset class in a league of its own, since it will be the currency used to invest in the many startups that decide to list their offerings. Also, it will be the base asset for the creation of a proprietary New Asset Class (NAC) with characteristics similar to Koura’s. These NACs will also become the representation of shares corresponding of each project that finishes its NAO (New Asset Offering) successfully, a new currency that also acts as a company’s equity. Businesses and entrepreneurs will issue their NACs to raise capital, and will be using Koura as the base exchange and trading pair. Investors will purchase Koura -through Novabank- and will then be able to invest in those NAC’s issued by new ventures.
Under Capitalista, a brokerage and capital management firm that allows its clients to trade any market-worthy instrument from anywhere in the world within its NAO Index - a global stock market where every company that successfully finishes its NAO will be listed- you'll be able to trade these NACs among themselves or use Kouras to invest in any new company listed as well. Trading accounts will be kept using Koura as the base currency, and all other services offered by Capitalista (trading signals and managed accounts) will be billed in Kouras as well. Profits to traders will be paid in Kouras.
With Koura´s use through Novabank we’re bringing an immediate exit-strategy to private equities.Investors who took part in companies’ NAOs created with InveStart will be able to exchange their NACs into Koura. You'll also be able to use your Kouras for our remittance service and deposit or withdraw facility both online (through Novabank’s platform) or offline (through an authorized franchisee). You will be able to transfer Kouras and NACs to other users, immediately spend them via a global network of franchises, affiliates and business with an international debit card linked to your NovaBank account -just like any fiat currency- or to execute contactless payments directly through Novabank’s app. Businesses will be able to process credit card and Koura payments which will be immediately credited to their Novabank’s account in Kouras.
05. Token

Koura Sale Details

133.333.333 Koura Tokens will be issued. Each Koura token will initially be mapped into one corresponding ERC20 token on the Ethereum ecosystem as the Koura ecosystem is currently being developed.

Token Name
Token Symbol

04. Roadmap

Implementation Sheet

With Koura we have a single objective, bring the global financial environment of the future for all Koura holders at the earliest time possible.

Concept Development
Year 1 Q1
Incorporation of Holding Company of the Consortium
Year 1 Q2
ERC-20 NAC KOURA Creation
Year 1 Q3
Private Sale of Kouras Begins
Year 1 Q4
05. interesting data

Industry Facts

Blockchain users

Banking sector

Daily trading

Blockchain-based assets

There are 25,764,015 worldwide as of June 2018.

Will save up to $12B yearly just by adopting blockchain technology.

Volume for blockchain based crypto-assets can reach up to $200 million.

Have reached more than $270B in transactions for payment processing

What's in it for you?

Show me an asset class with a better average return than 10 percent per year

Jim Cramer – CNBC’s Mad Money

Become an adopter of the currency of the future

Invest in Koura and become a holder of an investment instrument that’s more than an equity and more than just traditional currency. Earn annual dividends and gain access to the financial environments that will shape the venture capital, equity crowdfunding, investing and banking landscapes of the future.

Calculate your ROI over 5 years

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