01. welcome

Koura is Digital Cash
You Can Spend

Use Koura to make instant, private payments online or in-store using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.


A new asset class

Koura, is Konzortia Capital’s New Asset Class, an innovative form of equity that allows investors to receive dividends, while giving you the liquidity that could only be found in publicly traded stocks. It will allow clients to pay for the services offered by the group of FinTech companies in the consortium (InveStart, Capitalista and Novabank).

Koura can be held, traded or exchanged, just like any other form of asset, but unlike most assets, it can also be spend like a currency. This flexibility is what allows Koura to truly transition beyond traditional asset classes and is what opens up new exciting opportunities for investors.

02. Solution

Problems in the finance world

Capital Traction

Startups and companies need capital to fund their projects. Companies anywhere in the world, at any stage, will be able to raise capital.

Need profits

Small and inexperienced investors need to generate profits. Investors will have access to any opportunity in the world and will be able to cash out quickly on their investments and continue to make their money work for them, not the other way around.


There is a need for a cost-effective global remittance service accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Koura can be transferred through a physical location or a cross-platform application at a very low cost.

New Product

There is a need for a new product that can be considered an investment and not just a vehicle for speculation. Koura has special features that mix the advantages provided by stocks of a private company with the liquidity of shares traded in a traditional stock market.

Koura Blockchain Solutions

Koura represents an unique new generation of liquid tradeable equity for private companies. Its value will not only be determined by the valuation of the consortium’s holding: Konzortia Capital, but just like any liquid asset, it will be determined by the natural market forces: offer and demand. We have developed a business model stimulating the use of Koura for its inherent benefits; i.e., flexibility, liquidity, and ability to pay out dividends.

Koura will truly function in the blockchain; and it will remain decentralized, open to any kind of investor/user or developer that wants to create services or apps to complement the network, it will be open to integration with other digital and physical platforms, being truly and fully borderless. As Koura has been chosen as the sole commodity to be utilized by users to access the services of InveStart, Capitalista and NovaBank, the mutually dependable infrastructure will maintain and grow the Koura’s value.

03. Ecosystem

Applications on the Koura Blockchain

is the next generation of borderless, equity-based crowdfunding, allowing businesses from anywhere in the world to raise capital through the creation of a proprietary New Asset Class (NAC) with characteristics similar to Koura’s. Investors will benefit from the inherited liquidity of this NAC, as it can be liquidated through Novabank and traded through Capitalista once the New Asset Offering (NAO) has taken place, and listed in the NAO Index.
is a brokerage and capital management firm that allows its clients to trade any market-worthy instrument from anywhere in the world with a cost close to nothing, inclusive of the NAC issued by companies that use InveStart to raise capital, which will result in a worldwide index of a new form of stock-like liquid tradeable instruments called NAO Index. In addition, it will provide its clients with quality services that will allow them to profit from financial markets with trading signals and managed accounts that actually deliver positive results.
Investors who took part in companies’ New Asset Offerings created with InveStart will be able to exchange their New Assets into Koura. With Novabank, any company can process payments done through credit card or using Koura. Businesses will be part of a directory featured in NovaBank’s app that will show the services offered by each of them and their location in a map. We will reach the unbanked and non-tech savvy through authorized franchises all over the globe that will serve as a remittance service and deposit or withdraw facility. Individuals and businesses will be able to transfer their NACs among users or spend them anywhere with an international debit card linked to their NovaBank account.
04. Team

Our team

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, Koura expands access to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential.

Walter Gomez

CEO and Founder

Donnie Gomez

B2B Relations Manager

Kim Miller

Marketing Consultant

Marie Tremblay

Investor Relations

Alexa Bello

Operations Manager

Johnnathan Nasra

Content Manager

Angel Silva

Development Manager
05. Token

Koura Sale Details

300.000.000 Koura Tokens will be issued. Each Koura token will initially be mapped into one corresponding ERC20 token on the Ethereum ecosystem as the Koura ecosystem is currently being developed.

Token Name
Token Symbol

Koura Allocation


Funds Allocation





Terms of Sales


Disclaimer &
Risk Warning

Smart Contract
Audit Report

04. Roadmap

Implementation Sheet

At Lymcoin we have one focus - creating a viable data marketplace to start returning value
to token holders in the shortest time possible.

•Koura’s Concept
Q1 2018
•Koura’s Seed capital. •Creation of Web Presence. •Private Sale of Security Tokens Begins.
Q2 2018
Incorporation in Canada
Q3 2018
•Koura obtains FINTRAC License in Canada
Q4 2018
•Creation of Alpha version of Capitalista (Web). •Outsourcing capital development activities.
Q1 2019
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