Year 1 Q1

Concept Development

Year 1 Q2

Incorporation of Holding Company of the Consortium

Year 1 Q3

ERC-20 NAC KOURA Creation

Year 1 Q4

Private Sale of Kouras Begins

Year 1 Q4

Development of Beta Version of wallet and banking platform

Year 2 Q1

Development of Blockchain Platform Based on Ethereum

Year 2 Q2

Initial Pre-NAO Offering

Year 2 Q2-Q4

Incorporation, development, licensing, launch and implementation of three companies of the consortium

Year 2 Q3: NAO

Year 2 Q4

Begin development of Koura's Proprietary Blockchain Platform

Year 3 Q2

Expansion and Growth of the Three Companies

Year 3 Q3

Beta Version of Koura's Platform Released

Year 3 Q4

Testing of Koura's Beta Blockchain

Year 4 Q1

Implementation of Koura's Beta Platform

Year 4 Q2

Final Version of Koura's Platform Released

Year 4 Q3

Migration from Ethereum's Platform to Koura's Blockchain

Year 4 Q4

Adoption of the Platform and Full Implementation of the Three Companies
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