Q1 2018

KOURA’s Seed capital

Q2 2018

KOURA’s Seed CapitalCreation of Web PresenceCreation of Legal entityPrivate Sale of Security Tokens Begins

Q3 2018

Incorporation in Canada

Q4 2018

KOURA obtains FINTRAC License in Canada

Q4 2019

Incorporation of Capitalista, NovaBank and InveStartCreation of Alpha version of Capitalista (Web) Outsourcing capital development activities

Q1 2020

Private Sale of Security Tokens ends Initial licensing requirements for Capitalista & NovaBankLaunch of NovaBankPresale - Initial Token Offering Begins on NovaBank

Q2 2020

Licensing requirements for InveStartLaunch of InveStartAdditional licensing for NovaBankAdditional licensing for CapitalistaPRE-ICO endsInitial Token Offering begins in NovaBank

Q3 2020

Launch of Capitalista

Q4 2020

Expansion and growth of Capitalista, NovaBank and InveStart

Q1 2021

Begin development of KOURA proprietary blockchain platform

Q2 2021

Implementation of NovaBank, InveStart and Capitalista

Q3 2021

Release of alpha version of KOURA’s blockchain

Q4 2021

Release of beta version of KOURA’s blockchain

Q1 2022

Testing of beta version of KOURA’s blockchain

Q4 2022

Implementation of KOURA’s blockchain platform

Q3 2023

Final version of KOURA’s blockchain platform

Q1 2024

Migration from Ethereum platform to KOURA blockchain

Q2 2024

Full adoption of the KOURAs blockchain